Kinsta and WP Engine Web Hosting Review


Have you ever experienced such a thing, after encountering a new thing, you start to realize that what you have been doing is very failed?

This is how we felt when we first logged into the Kinsta dashboard. Although we have been making websites for more than ten years, we have never used a dashboard like them during that time.

Kinsta has been providing high-performance dedicated WordPress hosting for individuals and businesses since 2013. Although the price is not the cheapest in the industry, if you are looking for high-quality hosting services, Kinsta will definitely not let you down. In fact, the only thing that keeps this company from ranking first is the expensive price. If you are not price-sensitive, then they are the best web hosting providers who deserve it!

KinstaThe main parameters:

  • Fully managed host: Kinsta Solve all technical problems, you just need to focus on your business
  • Designed for WordPress optimization: Obviously, this is what they focus on
  • Established Google Cloud: KinstaThe basic framework is Google Cloud provides support
  • Have the most data centers among competitors: distributed in North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific, so you can choose a faster server
  • Free Website Migration: Easily Launch Migration Operations from Dashboard
  • Simple segmentation management: Modify your website in the segmented area, and only upgrade those to the official environment if you know the changes are working well
  • WordPress-specific security features: Kinsta Help you monitor malicious attacks, DDoS And other security issues
  • Automatic backup: Restoring a backup is very easy, just click a button
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring: They check your website’s health every minute
  • Professional customer service team: you can submit by Tickets, live chat and a rich knowledge base for support
  • High scalability: Don’t worry about viruses or other traffic spikes
  • FreeSSL: and Let’s Encrypt Integrated so you can use it for free SSL certificate Services
  • FreeCDN: with KeyCDN Integration to allow distant customers to open your site faster

Kinsta: The target audience is corporate and professional developers, so they are not afraid to keep prices higher than other competitors. Aside from low-price competition, they can focus on improving every aspect of the company.

Kinsta provides internal caching capabilities if you are already Google Cloud Users, then Kinsta The dashboard accesses this cache plugin. This plugin is automatically enabled by default, but you can ask Kinsta The team fine-tunes it to suit your particular needs. If you use Kinsta Hosting service, then no need to install additional caching plugins.

Since its introduction, Kinsta Was labeled better, faster, more powerful, and passedGoogle CloudPlatform, they rely on the network giant ’s secure and reliable data center to focus on providing you with professional management WordPress babysitting program. In this list, Kinsta It is the largest data center and the only hosting company that provides data centers in Hong Kong. If your budget is acceptable, they are the best choice.

Advantages of Kinsta

  • Powerful host performance, built for speed
  • Automatically integrate cache function to make your website faster
  • Has a large number of the GCP data center, you can choose CDN And data center
  • No matter which package you choose, Kinsta Provide you with daily data backup and segment management services
  • Having a data center in Hong Kong makes it the best choice for Chinese users
  • Free SSL Certificate and CDN service
  • 30 Day money-back guarantee

Disadvantage of Kinsta

  • expensive
  • Does not provide domain registration services
  • No mail server provided
  • You may feel less hard disk space, in fact not the case, the top ten evaluation disk usage is less than 1GB

WP Engine-the best-known WordPress Dedicated Hosting

WP engine is located in Austin, TX WordPress Managed service providers are also the first WordPressCompanies that provide hosting services. Except in ordinary and private WordPress. In addition, to strengthening competitiveness in hosting, the WP engine is also a market leader in many other respects, with a high profile and top hosting technology.

BlueHostSiteGroundGoDaddy And other big brands now offer various types of WordPress dedicated hosts, they are different, some only provide professional WordPress Technical support, while others provide targeted server-side features and WordPress Segmented services.

Speaking of a dedicated level WordPress Managed hosting, you buy not only the hosting itself but also a range of other services: these services make it easier for you to install WordPress also helps you defend against attacks on the web. 

Basically, a managed WordPress host offers a range of WP customized service menus (which are also relatively expensive) so that you can focus on the construction of your website without having to worry about the speed and security of your website.

Either way, this is WP Engine Areas of expertise. They promise amazing speed, strong security, and first-class customer service. WP Engine Of its main business comes from sites that have been migrated from other hosting companies (that is, customers who are dissatisfied with the original hosting service and migrated over).

There are many factors that can affect the speed of a website. The general rule of thumb is that the more complex your website is, the slower it will be.

Out of the box-original WordPress Quite streamlined and fast. If you run a website with only a few basic plugins and a few small pictures, then you can get good results from an affordable shared hosting plan. But very few website owners keep their WordPress Streamlined installation, usually with extra plugins, custom themes, lots of images, various widgets, ads, forms, and more. All these decent features will slow down your website.

Slow websites don’t mean you need better servers, you need to understand speed better. Although a more powerful server can easily solve this problem, sometimes you can improve the response speed by optimizing files and caching certain resources in a certain order.

This is WordPress’s meaning of a dedicated host. WP Engine Responsible for (almost) all speed issues, their custom server has powerful caching capabilities, even more than typical WebThe host has a more advanced stack. They don’t even allow you to install additional cache plugins because there is a custom cache setting in the control panel.
Advantage of WP Engine
  • Designed for WordPress Design, very fast
  • Provide a large number of website building tools and security tools
  • versus Kinsta Same, provide site segmentation management function
  • based on Google Cloud with ASW Build, provide 18 Datacenters
  • Free website migration service
  • Free SSL Certificate and CDN service
  • 60 Day money-back guarantee

Disadvantages of WP Engine

  • Expensive for most people
  • Installation and operation are complicated due to a large number of tools provided
  • Although flexible, it is limited when you install some plugins

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