Some of the best Web Hosting for WordPress


When you are ready to start building a website, it is necessary to choose a reliable web host because it is related to the speed, stability, and SEO of the website. And other aspects. To make your selection easier, we have summarized some of the best foreign hosting providers.

Why overseas web hosting? Because the host country we are familiar with, like the famous Ali cloud , cloud Tencent, Baidu cloud, as well as more affordable Jingan and Western Digital, and so on, information about these manufacturers have a lot, we will not repeat described.

Advantages of hosting your website outside your location

  • Domain name exemption registration
    When you apply for a domain name, you can immediately resolve it to the host you purchased. From obtaining the domain name to launching the website, it will not exceed1Hours of time. The registration of domestic domain names generally takes more than half a month.
  • Stable performance
    in the field of science and technology, foreign technology has always been more advanced than domestic, so is the hosting industry. Overseas (especially U.S.) hosting companies started very early. Both experience and technology are more developed than domestic manufacturers. 99.9%Of stable online guarantee is the minimum standard, of which domineering DreamHost More promise100%Online guarantee.
  • Cheap prices
    Because overseas hosting companies started early, and after so many years of development, some well-known companies have already had a large number of customers, which has made their costs very low, and the prices have also dropped.
  • Money-back guarantee
    In addition to technology, overseas hosters also attach great importance to word of mouth and user experience. Almost all companies provide money-back guarantees at different times. The refund period is at least 30 days, during this period, if you are not satisfied, you can apply for an unconditional refund.

Disadvantages of hosting your website outside your location

  • Language barriers
    Foreign hosters generally only provide an English management interface, but this should not be a thorny issue. You only need to1Be familiar with the various operations within a week.
  • Network speed
    Another problem is network speed. If you plan to build an English website, this is not a problem. English websites generally choose US nodes. If Chinese websites, then it is better to choose Japanese nodes. With the development of network transmission technology, the gap between foreign hosts in this area is becoming smaller and smaller.
  • The last payment channel is a payment issue. Overseas custodians generally only accept USD payments, and almost all manufacturers accept them. Visa Credit card payment, of course, some manufacturers also accept other methods of payment, such as PayPal with MasterCard. So just in case, you might need to prepare a visa credit card. But even if you do n’t have a dual currency credit card, do n’t worry, because PayPal You can directly bind to a UnionPay card for payment.

In fact, there is no one best web hosting that meets everyone’s needs. Each host has different advantages and faces different customers. Based on your goals, budget, experience, and expertise, the option that best meets your needs is the best.

Hostinger-the most affordable web hosting

Hostinger was founded in 2004 year11Since then, they have gradually developed into a powerful web hosting company,178 More than 2900 Million customers provide services. For more than a decade, this growth number is impressive, and in parallel is growing more and more unlimited and free features.

To this day, this host is still extremely popular, allowing you to create a completely free website with more than 20000 New customers sign up and use their services.

When considering hosting, uptime is often the most important metric, because if your website can’t stay online, unlimited space, unlimited traffic, and free services will not make any sense. During our review, HostingerCan guarantees stable uptime, fast response speed, and strong technical support, the average online rate exceeds 99.99%.

Have you been waiting for a response after opening a webpage, or is there only one loop around there? For any visitor, a fast-loading page is essential. What’s more, if an e-commerce site earns every day10Million dollars, then1Page delays of seconds could cost it every year 250 Ten Thousand Dollars Selling Cost! Hostinger Well done in this regard, page load time is better than the industry average (890Milliseconds) fast80%!

Hostinger Pricing is similar to most competitors, users who sign up for the first time enjoy a lot of discounts, and then increase when renewing. Still, this pricing is attractive. We recommend buying the first 48 Monthly hosting plan as the average price here is the lowest, considering the generous 30 Day money-back guarantee, you should not take any risk (except time).

You will get a concise and practical, modern style operation interface, you can easily find all the functions you need in one place. Some advanced users may prefer traditionalcPanel, but other than that HostingerThe customized version is perfect for beginners, they don’t want you to be a software engineer, they just want to help you figure out how to build a beautiful website.

Finding the best web hosting service is difficult, Hostinger Unbelievably great service at an affordable price. Uptime and page load speeds are faster than the industry average, if you are right Hostinger Dissatisfied, you can receive a refund within 30 days. In addition, customer support is responsive, knowledgeable, and friendly. It’s a trusted host for the pricing they offer (although there is suspicion of false publicity).

SiteGround-the best web host

SiteGround was founded in 2003, 8 May, located in the US state of Tennessee, initially consisted of a small and dynamic team. After years of development, the size of this company has been growing-whether it’s the number of employees or the number of servers.

For now, dedicated WordPress hosting packages are gaining popularity, andSiteGroundIs designed to complement traditional shared hosting and dedicated WordPress gap between hosting services.

Traditional hosters (e.g. BlueHost with Hostwinds ) offers unparalleled competitive advantages and compelling add-ons, such as multiple mail accounts, large amounts of disk space and bandwidth, and a variety of one-click installation services. However, many webmasters are being WordPress lure of optimized hosting services, these start with WordPress Focused hosting companies include Kinsta, WP Engine, Flywheel and many more.

Although WordPress Centered hosting is certainly a more attractive option, high prices are usually prohibitive. On the other hand, affordable shared hosting can be a compromise because it sacrifices some performance. A slow response site is a real obstacle for both visitors and search engines. One more thing worth noting, some WordPress Dedicated hosting providers limit the plug-ins that websites can use, which affects your freedom.

Considering the problems mentioned above, SiteGround Designed to provide a service in the middle, they provide WordPress Focused hosting services but more expensive than othersWordPressDedicated hosting is much lower.

SiteGround Technology has maintained a leading position in the industry, and they are also supporters of several open-source projects, such as WordPress, Joomla, Let’s Encrypt and many more.
SiteGroundThe cheapest package is $ 3.95 /Month, configured as 10GB SSD Hard disk space, unlimited traffic, unlimited MySQL database, suitable for monthly visits 1 Thousand of websites. They also offer a variety of free services, including SSL certificates, daily backups, Cloudflare CDNs, advanced website themes, and more. In addition, a number of security features can protect your site from cyber attacks.

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